Friday, July 18, 2014

So long Big Apple, Hello Charm City!

After a lovely thirteen years in Manhattan, the time has finally come for me–and this blog–to seek out greener pastures. If you ask my husband and two dogs, they'll tell you it's not a moment too soon. Things were getting a little cramped in our one-bedroom apartment and now we'll be able to stretch our legs in a real grown-up house! So we've relocated to Maryland–an awesome place on its own, and also where I spent much of my youth. Being back in Baltimore means I can re-introduce myself to–and enjoy–a few of the culinary treats I loved as a kid. My favorites are Old bay (and anything crab related, really), Berger Cookies and last, but not least, the lemon stick! The emergence of this unexpectedly delicious lemon treat is debatable, but most agree that it began at the Baltimore Flower Mart. They are a staple at every Baltimore school bake sale and I recently indulged in a few (okay, like five) as a break from all this hard "moving-in" work. 

The recipe couldn't be simpler:
Slice a lemon in half, cut an x in the center (where all the membranes meet) and insert the peppermint stick. Now, it's imperative that the peppermint stick be the soft variety as the whole point of the stick is to suck out the lemon juice through the stick. So make sure you don't use any 'ol candy cane. Get these and you're just a lemon short of having the most delicious and refreshing summer treat. (If you're up for a boozy treat, try soaking the lemon halves in vodka before you pop in the peppermint stick!)

I'll be sure to keep you in the loop as we fix up the house here-and-there. Everyone loves a before/after pic, right? 


  1. I made a similar move last year. 15 years in NYC to D.C. I can breathe again! I used to love those lemon sticks when I was a kid. We would go to the corner store and buy the lemons and peppermint sticks (for something like 5 cents!) and sit on the steps and eat them. Good stuff!

    1. Thanks Dee! I love them, too! The peppermint sticks are a little harder to find now, but so worth it:)