Monday, September 23, 2013

Chalkboard Love

It's certainly no secret that chalkboard is having quite the moment right now. DIY "Chalkboard-ing" is taking over and folks are giving a chalkboard make-over to everything from a cookie jar to the dog house. Ok, so maybe it's not as extreme as painting your pet with chalkboard paint, but this trend doesn't seem to be fading anytime soon. The creative applications are unlimited! I went through a phase last year where I couldn't seem to find enough objects to paint with chalkboard paint. Check out my DIY with chalkboard paint for a fun cheeseboard tutorial. In the graphic design world, there are some seriously talented chalk artists that continue to inspire us. One of the best is Dana Tanamachi and her insanely beautiful wall art makes you wish calk was a more permanent medium. Check out her incredible work here

Until this trend decides to fade away, I'll continue to find inspiration in it. Whether it's for your wedding, entertaining or gifting, here are a few of my favorite chalkboard objects. 

1. Edible Chalkboard Cake by A Subtle Revelry, 2. Initial and Ampersand Set Chalkboard Prints, 3. Reusable Chalkboard Tags, 4. Anthropologie Chalkboard Canisters, 5. Reusable Chalkboard Banner, 6. Chalkboard Chargers, 7. Custom State Chalkboard Box, 8. Giant Chalkboard Globe

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