Friday, February 17, 2012

Talking With My Mouth Full

I interrupt this regularly scheduled baking post to make an exciting announcement. My friend and extremely talented co-worker Gail Simmons' new book "Talking With My Mouth Full" is available this Tuesday, Feb 21st! I plug this book for a couple reasons; First and foremost being that it's a wonderfully written, thoughtful memoir and you will truly be inspired by Gail's culinary journey. The second reason I plug her book is because I designed the cover! I have always loved book cover design, so working on this project was an honor and a wonderful treat. To learn more about Gail, check out her website (which I also designed) at You can get your copy of Gail's book here or here. If I were on Reading Rainbow, I'd talk about how much I learned about food and then I'd say a little something like this...

But seriously, take my word for it, this book is great. Congrats Gail!

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