Saturday, October 1, 2011


Last night, I scored a couple tickets to the New York City Wine and Food Festival SWEET Event. Let me just tell you this, the people at Food Network and FOOD & WINE know how to throw a party. This was the dessert party of my dreams. As usual I ate, drank, met some idols and took a couple photos along the way! 

Champagne and Macaroons, the perfect combination!

I met Ron Ben-Israel, one of the BEST cake designers of all time!
"So Ron, how do you make cakes?"

Yes, that's a cake!

Karen DeMasco (Another Idol!) is the pastry chef at Locande Verde
and author of The Craft of Baking

Sandra Lee and possibly secret service behind her.

Bobby Flay (Not sure how good he is at pastry, but who cares!)

Anne Burrell

Elisa Strauss, of Confetti Cakes, was the most inspiring cake maker I met all night. 
She also showcased her cake push-up pops. (Is this the new cake pop!?)

Of course, Tom found the S'more table. It's amazing what chefs can do with this treat.

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