Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Birthday Surprise!

Today I turn the uneventful age of 29. I've always loved having a birthday in October because it lends itself to doing something that involves the outdoors and this gorgeous fall weather. This year I was feeling a little un-inspired, so I decided not to do anything special for my birthday (I figured eating a pint of coffee ice cream and watching Boardwalk Empire would do the trick). My husband, however, decided to throw me a surprise get together last Sunday in beautiful Riverside Park. Although it was a great idea, the secret was quickly exposed when Tom realized he needed my help (food) for the party. I kept it simple by making some dips and my friends all chipped in by bringing candy and drinks! I also made this apple tart with cheddar cheese crust with the remaining apples I stole picked fair-and-square from a recent apple picking trip.

This small get together was perfect, even down to the ice cream cone piñata! Little did I know that Tom really did have a surprise planned for me—making the most amazing KitchenAid Mixer cake ever! I knew he wanted to make me an extreme cake, but the mixer idea was a total surprise. I'm truly amazed at this cake (video below). I guess all those nights of me making cakes really has taught him a thing or two! One thing's for sure....I'm a pretty lucky gal. Thank you to my amazing hubby and here's to an eventful 29th year!

Heres a video my friend Jeff took of me vs. the piñata. I may lose this fight, but I got the candy in the long run!

Now, to the cake! Here's a look at Tom's process and the amazing result. 

Once I figured out that Tom was making me a mixer, I had to document the making of this amazing cake!


  1. That is quite possibly the most amazing cake I've ever seen! Haha :)

  2. Amazing husband and two cute black labs!!! Why do some girls seem to have it all?

  3.'s Wonderful cake! Enhorabuena desde España!