Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Designer's Sweet Tooth

It only recently struck me that the correlation between designers and our passion for food was no coincidence. Perhaps it doesn't help that I spend the entire day in front of a computer screen full of images of food porn. When I am not designing, I am questioning the other designers about the whereabouts of our next meal. More often than not is the question, "Whats for dessert?" Clearly, I have a particular fondness of all baked treats. Not unlike designing, baking takes the same few select ingredients and churns them out into gorgeous sweet creations. I think this is what led me to create my online bakery, Sweet & Salty bakeshop. 

I know I am not the only designer out there with a supreme love of sweets. One of my favorite designers, Jessica Hische, created a blog entitled "The Internet Sends Me Cake." This happens to be one of the best ideas I've seen since the ice cream sandwich. You send Jessica cake and in return she gives your design a shout out on her blog. Another prime example of sweets infiltrating the graphic design sphere is, the sugary spawn of's user submitted graphic tees plus hundreds of amateur cake bakers. Beautiful!

So here I am, torn between my 9-5 (more like 9-10) passion of graphic design and my obsession with all things baked. The solution, besides fulfilling cake orders at midnight and on weekends, is this blog. Welcome to Pixel Whisk. You will see cake, you will see design. Bring your appetite! Enjoy

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